4th International Independent Videogames Festival in Berlin -
April 22 to 24, 2015 – plus extra Family Day
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Computadora is Herr Galatran and his intelligent happy computer. The sounds come from C64, Amiga & Atari XL/ST and the passion comes from the early computer demoscene fanaticism and extensive performing as part of various punk / hardcore / IDM / electro-constellations through the years.

Born in Hamburg, 1976 he discovered the illegal computer scene in Germany and was quite obsessed with it until the mid-90s when he began producing with Amiga computers and focusing primarly on music. He moves to London in 1998 to explore further musical landscapes. There he finds in a second hand shop a box full of Amiga disks filled with underground drum&bass samples, which re-triggered his obsession for playing night and day around old music software.

The result of all these years experimenting with different computer platforms are dirty digital electro infected sessions that have happened in clubs and festivals around Europe like Transmediale in Germany, Gogbot in the Netherlands, and the underground nights of Milano, Oslo, Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Prague and Berlin.

Based since 2005 in Berlin, Computadora is ready to flash the dancefloors mashing up old 8-bit songs with the humans’ flavour for groovy glitches and squarewave electro party.

My Artists Sessions

Thursday, April 23

20:00 CEST